Top tips for a good Tech Interview

Top tips for a good Tech Interview

If you are now at the stage of preparing for an interview you must congratulate yourself on getting this far. Your CV obviously made an impact so now it is time to prepare to showcase yourself in person. Preparation is key so please read through the following top tips for a good interview and best of luck!

  • Be punctual

Arrive on time, if not a few minutes early. Plan your journey allowing for any possible delays. Being late and harassed never creates a good impression.

  • Be smart and business-like

Find out beforehand whether you are expected to wear a suit. Take along spare copies of your CV. Be yourself and let your personality shine through.

  • Understand the interview style

Find out beforehand whether there will be any technical and/or psychometric tests and make sure you prepare accordingly.

  • Know who you are meeting

Make sure you know who you will be meeting and try to obtain any information about them before the interview.

  • Understand the role

Familiarise yourself with the job specification and identify areas where you are well matched. Identify areas of potential weakness and in need of development. Pre-empt any questions and prepare relevant examples.

  • Be enthusiastic

Speak enthusiastically about yourself, your experience and your skills.

  • Listen carefully

Make sure you listen carefully to any questions asked so that you can answer them in a meaningful way. Avoid abrupt ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. Elaborate where possible – remember, this is your chance to sell yourself.

  • Be positive

Don’t talk negatively or be overly critical of your past. It doesn’t create a good impression.

  • Use short pauses

Don’t be afraid of short pauses. When asked a question, take a few moments to think of a well crafted answer.

  • Body language

Smile. Make eye contact. Firm handshake. Sit up straight.

Questions to think about asking…

•What are the career opportunities?

•Will I be working as part of a team or independently?

•What is the performance appraisal procedure?

•What qualities do you look for in an employee?

Questions you might be asked….

•Why are you leaving your current job?

•What are your main strengths/weaknesses?

•Why should we appoint you over someone else?

•Where do you see yourself in 5, 10 years time?

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