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Our process

Step by step guide to the recruitment process

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    Understanding your requirements

    It is of paramount importance that we fully understand what you are looking for. When we receive a job specification, we will obtain a detailed brief from the business to ascertain exactly what type of person you are looking for, not only from a technical perspective but also in terms of personality. They need to ‘fit’ with the rest of the team and your company culture and diversity goals. We want to find the perfect candidate who will hit the ground running and make a difference from day one.

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    ​Referrals and recommendations

    Often the best way to find the right candidate we use networking and referrals.

    As an established player in the technology market, we have a vast array of contacts that we work with on an ongoing basis to keep up to date with this fast paced and ever changing industry. Sharing knowledge is key.

    We speak to our trusted contacts in the industry to see whether they can recommend a suitable candidate.

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    We advertise job specifications (with your consent) using numerous resources to their fullest potential. To capture the right audience, we would tailor our approach specifically to suit the individual requirement. Our tools and technology gains us access to a raft of active and passive candidates worldwide with a variety of IT skills and experience.

    Where required, we can tailor a more specific advertising campaign using a variety of media types to find a certain type of candidate.

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    We will initially screening all applicants to form our long list. Our consultants then arrange first-stage phone and video interviews to verify the candidate’s skills and experience and to assess whether we believe they may be the right ‘fit’ for the position.

    When our search is complete, we will then put together a short-list of quality applications which will closely match your requirements combined with with detailed notes and expectations .

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    Once the client has interviewed the shortlisted candidates we will liaise with both parties involved and gain feedback. It is important that both parties give honest feedback so that we can manage expectations and help make sure the right recruitment decision is made.