Top tips for writing a good CV

12 October 2020

First impressions count so it is extremely important to get your CV in good shape so that is clear, concise and punchy to hook its reader within seconds of them picking it up. Recruiters and hiring managers often have to trawl through hundreds of CVs and sometimes only have enough time to quickly scan CVs before deciding whether to progress to a meeting.

Here are some top tips for writing a good CV.

  • 2-3 pages length

Try and keep your CV to 3 pages maximum. 2 pages are ideal.

  • Structure it

Break down the key parts of your CV into digestible bite-sized chunks.

  • Reverse chronological order

CVs should follow reverse chronological order, e.g. current job first.

  • Layout

Avoid fancy fonts. Keep it simple - use headings and spacing to help. Use bullets and avoid lengthy paragraphs. Be brief and use key words.

  • Tailor it

Think about the specific job you are applying for and tailor your CV accordingly. Don’t ramble on about unnecessary skills/experience that may not be relevant.

  • Be honest

The truth will always be unearthed at some point.

  • Check dates

Make sure there are no gaps in your history.

  • Quantify

Where possible, use facts and figures to detail major achievements, e.g. I increased profits by 10% over the year.

  • Avoid jargon

Do not use jargon and/or abbreviations that may not be understood by a prospective employer.

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