Different types of job interview

There are many different types of interviewing so it is very important to understand what type of interview you will be attending and what is expected of you. There is nothing worse than turning up for a technical interview ill prepared and not having brushed up on your technical skills.

Telephone based interview

Often the first stage in the interview process is a telephone based interview. This helps an interviewer run through your CV and get a good first impression of you and your suitability to the role/organization. It is usually centered around your CV so it is very important to make sure dates are accurate with no gaps or, if there are gaps, a good explanation as to why there is a gap in your experience.

Competency based interview

This type of interview will be based around the criteria necessary to do the job. You will be expected to answer the questions giving detailed examples in order for the interviewers to check you meet the criteria they are looking for. It is always a good idea to find out who you will be meeting at the interview so that you can do your research and find out as much about them and the organization beforehand.

Technical interview

In a technical interview you may be asked to do a practical test or show your knowledge by being asked technical questions. The technical interview may form part of a competency based interview or may be held separately.

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